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Morning Meeting Toolkit

Safekeeping through Housekeeping!

GOALS: At the end of this session, your crew should be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate good housekeeping practices


  • Index cards and pencils
  • Whiteboard or Flip chart (if you have one)
  • Stop watch


  • OSHA data-Poor housekeeping is one of the leading causes of employee injury and death
  • One minute activity- Give them one minute to look around the shop or room. After one minute have them turn their backs to the shop and write down all the “housekeeping issues” they saw.
  • Create a housekeeping list- Housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Dispose of combustibles and flammables properly.
    • Stack things in an orderly way so they do not topple.
    • Etc.
  • Who cares? (Why should we care) Time spent reporting needless accidents is put to better use by having people out in the field.
    • Lower production because you are spending all of your time looking for things (such as the proper tool)!
    • Reputation and judgement by other divisions in the park.
  • Generate a “What can we do” List
    • Institute a routine Housekeeping schedule.
    • Hold everyone accountable for housekeeping.
    • Proper disposal training
  • Any next steps we need to take?


  • This is not just a maintenance problem, but a park problem. If we generate enough good ideas, it could go to the management meeting
  • Ask the crew what they thing about the issue
  • This session best takes place in a maintenance shop.
  • Before the session, put some obvious things out of place, mislay a tool, trash around the trash can- Then do some less obvious ones


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